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เครื่องไสร่องวีทางเดียว (V-Groover) รุ่น VKBG Plus Series

เครื่องไสร่องวี ทางเดียว (V-Groover) รุ่น VKBG Plus Series


VKBG PLUS V-Groover machine is the upgrade of traditional ones, which change the traditional one head in Z axis for double heads named Z1 and Z2, The lathe bed adopt frame structure, through stress – relieving tempering, and use high strength bolts , and the overall rigidity is good, and will gain less deformation. The top beam of this series is fixed, the plate can be sent by the feeding mechanisms at the back, and as for work tables, they were made of carbon tool steel, hardness of which can be 60HRC (ordinary table <30HRC) after high-frequency surface hardening, which makes the work table much harder than the hardness of stainless steel, and completely solve the phenomenon of the table surface grooves appeared due to low hardness of traditional machines, to ensure the work surface flatness ≤ ± 0.03mm, and completely solve the problem of the reduction of the accuracy of the V-grooves due to deformation of work table surface, which can prolong the life of the equipment. Around the work table there are care feeding devices preventing scratches during the processing of plate.


Length (mm) 3200 4000 5000 6000
Width (mm) 1250 1550 1250 1550 1250 1550 1250 1550
Thickness 0.5mm-3mm (sheet flatness <3mm)
Minimum edge 15mm (high-speed steel)
Control Type 3-axis CNC control (X, Y, Z)
Display 12 Inch High Definition LCD touch screen
Memory Capacity 20 groups, 112 / group (which can be expanded by adding SD card)
Working System Ball screw / linear guide / gear rack
Forward-Cutting 60m / min (frequency conversion is adjustable)
Backward 60m/min
Feeding 15m/min
Z-Axis UP-Down 5m/min
Y Precision 0.001mm
Y Stoke 1500mm
Z Precision 0.001mm
Z-Axis Stoke 50mm
X-Axis SFS05050 Ø50×50 Mitsubishi Servo Motor
Z-Axis DFU03205 Ø32×20 Mitsubishi Servo Motor
Y-Axis SFS04040 Ø40×40 Mitsubishi Servo Motor
Pneumatic 0.3-0.6Mpa
Length 5000mm
Width 2600mm
Hight 2000mm
Weight 10000kg
Table Flatness ±0.02mm/M
Main Power 380V/50Hz/3Phase
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