TTL Engineering Systems

Single Spindle Drill Line B1DL 1200

Ideal for small and medium-sized fabricators
Maximized space effi ciency and faster processing with ease

  • High operational versatility
  • Space efficient
  • Robust clamping
  • High productivity with sub-axis
  • 15 kW Spindle motor power
  • 6-Station toll changer
  • Advanced full CNC

Technical Information Controller: Siemens B1DL 1200

Controller: Siemens
Working length: 6-10-14-18-22-26 meter
Profile height: 50-1200 mm
Profile width: 50-1200 mm
Support table height: 1000 mm
Length: Working length +3,6 meter
Height: 3.150 mm
Width: 3.000 mm
Weight: Varies with model
Maximum tool length: 320 mm
Drilling capacity: 5-40 mm
RPM: 3.000 rpm
Spindle motor power: 15 kW
Total power: 45 kW
ATC station capacity: 6 nos.

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