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Spot Welding Machine Model : SPN

Spot welding machine
The new economical arc spot machine (SPN) is a model that adds a water-fed cooling system to the arc head and is equipped with a time and current regulator for beautiful workpieces. All points are available in two configurations: spring-foot pedal (SPN-xF) and pneumatic system (SPN-xP)

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Spot Welding Machine Model : SPN
Arc spot machine or spot welder suitable for small and medium sized industrial plants, steel workpieces, grating, steel bars, applicable to ferrous metal, stainless steel, galvanized, etc., can be used with accessories such as sets. Time and current control (Timer control)


Type Unit SPN-25F SPN-35F SPN-25P SPN-35P
Power rating KVA 25 35 25 35
Input power rating V 220V. / 380V. 1PH, 50-60 Hz.
Maximum welding current A 12000 14000 12000 14000
Maximum work thickness mm 3 + 3** 4 + 4** 3 + 3** 4 + 4**
Diameter (line) mm 8 9 8 9
Approximate weight Kg 180 220 200 250
Size (width * length * height) mm 440*980*1260
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