TTL Engineering Systems

We founded in 1996 we start with air duct manufacture and installation business. Then we expand business to build automation machinery for metalwork. Now our business is the manufacturer and importer industrial machine. We have important with quality price and after sale service. We have standard factory and we already have product for immediately delivery.

Please join us to visit our products on office hours.

Monday to Friday 08.00 a.m. - 05.00 p.m. and Saturday 08.00 a.m. - 04.00 p.m.

Main products that the company Can be divided into the following major categories.
1. We have expertise in production And Distributes air duct machinery. Good quality and we provide consultancy and design for those wishing to build or improve an air duct factory.
- Duct manufacturing Auto Line
- Spiral Tube Forming
- Lock Former
- Elbow Making Machine
- Slip Roll Machine
- Brake Machine
- Shearing Machine
- CNC plasma cutting machine with air pipe cutting program
2. We are importers and distributors of full range of NC / CNC sheet metal machinery such as.
- Hydraulic Press Brake
- Hydraulic Shear
- Rolling Machine
- V-Groover Machine
- Laser Cutting
- Plasma Cutting
- Flame Cutting
3. We are importers and distributors metal machinery best quality such as.
- Brake Machine
- Shearing Machine
- Slip Roll Machine
- Bending machine
- Hydraulic press
- Band saw
4. We are importers and distributors of automatic machinery, metal stamping such as
- Feeder Machine
- Decoiler
- Bending machine (Straightening machine)
- Press machine

TTL Engineering Systems Warehouse


International Production

DENER Kayseri Turkey

BENDMAK Bursa Turkey

EUROSTAMP Gragnano Trebbiense Italy

BODOR Jinan Shandong China

BODOR Jinan Shandong China

Modern production factory HongKou Shanghai China

Modern production factory Nanjing China