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We distribute machine such as fiber laser machine, CO2 Engraving machine, Laser Marking machine, Press Brake machine, Shearing machine, Roll bending machine, Straightener machine, Duct making machine, V-groover machine, Plasma cutting machine,
Feeder machine, Decoiler machine, Spot welder machine, Band-saw machine.
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Hydraulic Metal Cutting Machines NC Model : BS

Metal Sheet Cutting Machines CN System. Use for general metal working, Simple and Durability.

Laser Cutting Machine : E-T Series

High Performance Laser Cutting Machines. Suitable for all metal sheet and metal tube

เครื่องพับโลหะ ระบบไฮดรอลิก ttlBend
Hydraulic Metal Folding Machines : TTL

High Quality Press Brake for general used. Strong structure from Metal st42.

Band-saw machine

It can cut rectangular and circular metal. Can cut on 90 and 45 angle

Why choose TTL

Products Covered and High Quality

We import product many types for industrial work. Our Products are checked quality.

Fast delivery and On time

We can send machines to customer by any transportation you want with best secure

Fair Price

We sell machine with fair price and best for you.

Our Sales Good for Take care and Advise

Our sales has more experience for advise all metal machines you want

TTL Engineering Systems Co.,Ltd.

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