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แขนกล อุตสาหกรรม รุ่น LRA1598-10-6A-C

แขนกล อุตสาหกรรม รุ่น C Series 10KG (Long arm type) LRA1598-10-6A-C เหมาะสำหรับงานโหลดเบาและโหลดขนาดกลาง มาพร้อมกับ 16 ฟังชั่น Input / Output สามารถปรับฟังชั่นได้อย่างง่ายดาย ใช้งานได้สะดวก


1. Suitable for light load and medium load operations
wide range of arm span
2. Equipped with 16 I/O and is easily expandable for more complex applications
3. Equipped 6 I/O bus connection inside for easier cable management
4. Provide 3 mounting methods:Floor, Upside-down,
and Angle mount


System Function

C Series

Type C Payload(kg) Reach(mm) Pos.rep(mm) Mounting Protection Axes Remarks
LRA705-5-6A-C 5KG 706 ±0.05 Floor, Upside-down, Angle IP54 6 Standard
LRA900-5-6A-C 5KG 596 ±0.05 Floor, Upside-down, Angle IP54 6 Standard
LRA1468-10-6A-C 10KG 1468 ±0.08 Floor, Upside-down, Angle IP54 6 Standard
LRA1598-10-6A-C 10KG 1598 ±0.08 Floor, Upside-down, Angle IP54 6 Standard
LRA1717-20-6A-C 20KG 1717 ±0.08 Floor, Upside-down, Angle IP54 6 Standard
LRA1759-5-6A-C 5KG 1759 ±0.08 Floor, Upside-down, Angle IP54 6 Standard
LRA2000-8-6A-C 8KG 2000 ±0.08 Floor, Upside-down, Angle IP54 6 Standard
LRA2100-60-6A-C 60KG 2100     ±0.2 Floor IP54 6 Standard

C Series High payload capacity and long reach. It is well suited for loading and unloading lathe/milling machines. With the additional application packages, it can meet the requirements of stamping, palletizing, polishing, welding, and cutting industries.


No. Control Axes 6
Payload(kg) 10
Max.Reach(mm) 1598
Pos.rep(mm) ±0.08

Motion Range(°)

J1 axes ±170
J2 axes 135/-90
J3 axes 75/-140
J4 axes ±170
J5 axes ±130
J6 axes ±360


J1 axes 190
J2 axes 140
J3 axes 140
J4 axes 320
J5 axes 150
J6 axes 320

Motor Output(kw)

J1 axes 1.5
J2 axes 1.5
J3 axes 0.75
J4 axes 0.2
J5 axes 0.2
J6 axes 0.2
Weight(kg) ~268
Installation Floor, Upside-down, Angle
Levels of protection IP54
Ambient temperature: 0~45
Ambient humidity:
Normally 20~80 %RH or less
Ambient temperture / Humidity / Vibration (No dew. nor frost allow) Short term 90 %RH or less

(within one month)

  Vibration acceleration:
4.9 m/s2(0.5G) or less


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