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เครื่องพับไฮดรอลิค รุ่น SMART XL

เครื่องพับไฮดรอลิค แบบทอร์ชั้นบาร์ ที่ใช้งานง่าย ทนทาน คุณภาพดี สามารถพับ เหล็ก สแตนเลส ทองแดง อลูมิเนียม สังกะสี



Technological Benefits
     – High quality precision bending results.
     – Stress tension is made of more strong and durable body.
     – Deeper throat depth, high stroke and intermediate clearance.
     – Faster, quieter and more powerful with a renewed hydraulic system.
     – Minimum mold change and adjustment time.
     – Low twist cost per piece.
     – World-renowned hydraulic and electrical components.
     – Ease of service and maintenance.
Smart XL Hydraulic Press Brakes
DENER SMART XL CNC Economic strong, fast and precise new Smart XL model brakes are aimed at companies working in the small and medium scale sheet metal processing industry. Direct angular programming and twist stepping system and multi-step parts are completed by automatic changing of CNC steps in a single step.
As a standard on the Dener Press Brakes, the 630 Series CNC control units offer user-friendly programmability, 2D programming on the office computer and the ability to transfer the program to the machine. Entering bending parameters on a single page and programming of angular parts allow even detailed parts to be programmed and stored in a short time.
The intermediate distance of the upper table, waiting for the bending point, the opening speed of the upper table after twisting, the programmability of the twist speed values ​​allow even the difficult bends to be made easily and help the production to be faster. With the help of 2D part and pattern programming on the computer, the program can be prepared while the machine is running and the twisting steps are automatically selected and sent to the machine via USB or local network connection.
Safe and Precise Bending with Excellent Equipment
More Throat Depth and Stroke
Higher jaw span, stroke and throat depth than your opponents can make your bends very easily.
2 (XR) Axis Backrest
Back gauge is one of the most important factors affecting the bending quality to obtain precision parts. You can bend one-step or multi-step chronological parts up to 6 axes.
Esa S 630 Control Unit
• 10 dokunmatik Color touch screen. • Automatic bending sorting.
• Easy programmable 2D graphic display. • 2D display of knives and patterns.
• Control up to 4 Axis.
Bombing System
Manual or CNC controlled motorized bombing system ensures error-free results at every point of the bending.
Powerful Coach Guide System
More stable movement and high precision.
European Type Knife and Mold Holder
We offer abkant press blades and mold solutions that can bend thick materials according to our customers’ requests.

Standard Equipments
• Y1, Y2, X axes
• European-style split blade and die
• European-style split blade and die holder
• Heavy-duty pre-inserts for 175 Tons and above
• 10 ve Esa S 630 touch 2D programmable 4-axis control unit
• More throat depth 450 mm
• Higher cylinder stroke distance 350 mm
• Hoerbiger or Rexroth hydraulic system
• Foot switch with emergency stop button.
• Front support arms.
• Side and back door safety housings

Optional Equipment
• Delem Da 52 CNC Control
• CYBELEC Cybtouch 10 CNC Control
• X and R Rear Armrest Axes
• Ratchet quick blade change system
• Manual crowning System
• Motorized Crowning System
• CE Certified Beam Barrier
• Multiple Bottom Pattern
• Hydraulic Oil Cooling System
• Electrical Panel Cooling System
• Wila Mechanical Upper and Lower Molding System
• Wila Hydraulic Upper and Lower Molding System



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