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เครื่องพับไฮดรอลิค รุ่น PUMA XL

เครื่องพับไฮดรอลิค แบบทอร์ชั้นบาร์ ที่ใช้งานง่าย ทนทาน คุณภาพดี สามารถพับ เหล็ก สแตนเลส ทองแดง อลูมิเนียม สังกะสี



Technological Benefits
     – Precise bending results of high quality
     – Stable and tension-free machine frame
     – Higher reach, stroke and installation height
     – With a revised hydraulic system now even quieter, faster and stronger
     – Minimal set-up times
     – Low bending unit costs
     – Hydraulic and electrical components from world renowned manufacturers
     – Easy maintenance and service
Hydraulic press brake PUMA XL
The Puma XL is a CNC controlled, synchronized and multi-axis hydraulic press brake. Equipped with a simple and functional 2D graphics controller in the standard version, you can draw your bent parts on the screen and automatically calculate the bending sequence. 2D tool programming makes it easy for your bediner to capture new tools and store them in the database.
If required, you can have these tools displayed and integrated into your bending program. In addition, bending programs can be created on an office PC using 2D offline programming and transferred to the controller via LAN or USB. This means that the Puma XL can be integrated into modern production processes as well as operated in the traditional way.
Fast and accurate bending due to excellent equipment
Higher reach and stroke
Due to the higher reach, higher stroke and installation height compared to other press brakes, you can make bends in a wide range of dimensions.
Two-axis backgauge system (X, R)
Fast and precise positioning of the backgauge is essential for working with pressbrakes. Conical bends are possible with up to six controlled axes.
19 “ESA S 660 W controller
The user-friendly and easily programmable controller ensures the automatic calculation of the bends.
Robust guides
Stable movements and high precision thanks to robust guides.
Support arm heavy version
Linear guided support arms (heavy duty) with more than 175 to press force
tool holder
In addition to the standard tool holders, we can offer further shots according to customer requirements


standard Features
• Two-axis backgauge system (X, R)
• European type upper
tooltip • European type bottom mullion support
• ESA 660 W 19 “3D touchscreen control
• Manual crowning
• Higher 450 mm reach
• Higher cylinder stroke of 350 mm
• Hydraulic system from Hörbiger or Rexroth
• Foot pedal system with emergency stop switch
• Front support arms
• Side and rear safety enclosure


optional equipment
• Delem DA 66 T Control
• Delem DA 69T 3D Control
• XR-Z1-Z2 Backgauge
• X1-X2-R-Z1-Z2 Backgauge
• ATF Type X1 X2 R1 R2 Z1 Z2 Backgauge
• X-Prime
• Bend Aid • Fiessler Akas 2 M (P) safety barrier
• Hydraulic oil cooling • Control
cabinet cooling
• Motorized crowning
• Quick
clamping system • WILA machanic clamping at top / bottom
• WILA hydraulic clamping at top / bottom



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