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Plasma Cutting Machine
The machine mainly consists of the host system and its associate software system.
The electrical control system is mastered by computer and equipped with excellent cutting software which is often used for different kinds of duct blanking.
Stable CNC system together with the famous HYPERTHERM plasma generator help greatly improve the cutting quality.
To meet market demand, GZHCH Company absorbs advanced technologies at this industry. Thus it is an ideal equipment for cutting metal sheet.


1.Plasma Generator
It is equipped with the famous HYPERTHERM plasma generator from America, which features tiny kerf, and stable and excellent performance, consequently, the cutting quality is guaranteed.
2.The Duct Software
It adopts the special cutting software, which executes the pre-set standardized duct graphs database and parameters to meet the cutting requirement. It is a synthesis of machine tool technology, data procedure and management. This software is easy to operate. When detailed data is entered, the synthesized image will take shaped automatically.


1.Pre-set standardized duct graphs database, can meet any kind of cutting requirement.
2.Input detailed data, the synthesized image will take shaped automatically.
3.Auto nesting system, easy to operate.
Remark: due to the continuous improvement of the product, the technical parameters are subject to the latest standards without prior notice



Cutting samples

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